Feels Like the First Time by Marina Adair ~ Review

Title: Feels Like the First Time
Author: Marina Adair
Series: Destiny Bay #2
Release Date: April 25, 2017

What's wrong with a little white lie?

There are a lot of things Ali Marshal doesn't do: pink anything, a day without chocolate, and Hawk, her sister's ex-husband. Sure, he's a sexy former NHL star who can make her pulse pound with just a wink. But he belonged to Bridget first. And no matter how long she's had a crush on him, how great he's always been to her dad, or that her sister is engaged to someone else now and Ali needs a date to their engagement party, she can't give in to temptation. Can she?

It's been years since his disastrous marriage crashed and burned, and Bradley Hawk has finally moved on. So when Bridget blows back into town with her new fiancé, throwing the engagement party of the year, he could care less . . . until Ali tells one little lie that lands him smack dab in a fake relationship. After one promise to be Ali's date and two of the hottest kisses he's ever had, Hawk can't deny how much he wants her. But what happens when this fauxmance starts to feel very, very real?

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Rating: 5 Stars ~ Excellent

Feels Like the First Time is the second book from Marina Adair’s Destiny Bay contemporary romance series. One of the characters from the first book Last Kiss of Summer that I was so excited to learn more about was Hawk. He’s a former hockey star who owns a bar in the small town of Destiny Bay. His neighbor and friend is Ali who happens to be his ex-sister-in-law. Yes, Hawk used to be married to Ali’s older sister, but he’s worked hard to move on with his life after the divorce. While Ali and Hawk have remained friends, things definitely get weird when her newly engaged sister strolls back into town. One little lie pretty much begins to blur the lines between two long-time friends.

I adore being whisked away to Adair’s Destiny Bay. Feels Like the First Time is an absolutely enjoyable follow-up to the first book. Ali and Hawk’s friendship is fun and natural, and I loved seeing them struggle in their predicament and slowly realize the truth. Both are strong characters. Ali is super independent and always puts others needs ahead of her own. Hawk is so caring and finally ready to open his heart to love again after his divorce.

If you’re seeking a romance along the lines of friendship turning into something more, Feels Like the First Time is the perfect read to cuddle up to on a relaxing day.

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